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Laminate vs. timber flooring

laminate vs engineered hardwood

If you’ve seen us at the Waikato Home and Garden Show, or visited us in our showroom, then you’ve probably seen our famous scratch test where we invite you to do your worst to a couple of flooring samples. It’s a great way of illustrating the difference between laminates and timbers, so you know what to expect from either of these great floors in your home.

Our customers do the testing: scratching, scoring and cutting

We’ve been inviting our customers to damage both these flooring samples for about six months now, and the difference in performance is pretty clear. On the left is one of our laminates, and on the right is one of our resandable timbers. Both offer an oak look, but laminates and timbers perform very differently.

Laminates are tough

Laminates are made tough, so they can handle scratches and dents better than anything else. They’re not immune to damage, as you can see (a pocket knife was responsible for the worst of the scratches), but they put up quite a fight!

Wood is resandable

The timber has a real hardwood wear layer, which is beautiful and resandable, but also more prone to those dents and scratches that also will add real character to your hardwood floor. And re-finishing your timber floor may be an option to bring it back to life.

Give some thought as to how you value durability and beauty, and come in to see us at our showroom so we can help find the right floor for you.

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