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Are laminate floors suitable for pets?

flooring suitable for pets

It’s not every day that we get celebrity endorsements for our laminate flooring. Te Kowhai celebrity Tilda Swineton here shows us not only her good side, but also the exceptional durability and performance of our Clix White Oak laminate.

Are Floorboards laminate floors suitable for pets?

We’re often asked if our laminates are suitable for dogs and other indoor pets - well kunekune pigs surely put our flooring to the test and prove the performance of our laminates. 

Because all our laminates are finished with extremely tough melamine resin and aluminium oxide coatings, and are made with robust HDF cores, they can handle not only the occasional splash or spill, but also high heels and the odd claw or nail. You can rest easy knowing that our laminates offer beauty with performance in any situation.

Floorboards is a locally owned and operated company, specialising in the supply and installation of hard surface flooring for over 15 years. As a family-run business, we are focused on customer care, value and quality.


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