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Quality From the Ground Up: Nixon Homes

From time to time we’ll take the opportunity here at the Floorboards blog to talk about some local success stories and interesting people we meet in the building and design industry. 

We chatted with Cameron Holmes of Nixon Homes about starting a new home building business, his new show home (featuring Floorboards flooring), and why he’s setting himself a limit as to how many homes he’ll build in a year.

Cameron has thrown everything into his new show home. It’s been late nights on the tools and seven-day working weeks for almost a year – whatever it takes, he says, to get it right.

‘The first thing,’ says Cameron, ‘is quality.’

It’s the lead-up to Nixon Homes’ first show home launch, and Cameron Holmes – Nixon Homes’ co-owner, project manager, building consultant – is keen to have his show home impress.

It’s something of a gamble for Cameron, who started Nixon Homes with his brother, Mike, just last year. Looking to be his own boss, Cameron saw the chance to turn a spec house he was developing into the flagship show home for a new business.

‘I was doing a lot of hours, a lot of weekends. I was doing a lot for the company I was subcontracted to. I thought, ‘I should be doing this for myself’,’ he says.

Working as a project manager and developing a spec home late last year, he was inspired to take the plunge.

‘I went to my brother, Mike, who is my business partner – I said, ‘Hey, can we change this house to a show home, try start Nixon Homes?’’

‘Once we signed the mortgage, we were in. Let’s do this.’

The investment is not only an opportunity to producing a show home that reflects Nixon Homes as price-competitive home builders, but also showcase Cameron’s high standard of quality.

‘A high standard is a must. It’s my name out there. I’m still working Saturdays and Sundays, but now it’s for myself and Nixon Homes. It’s hard work, but we’re focussed on quality and not rushing. It’s quality over quantity.’

With this in mind, Cameron is putting a cap on how many homes Nixon Homes will build per year.

‘At our peak, we only want to be building 12 homes a year. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small.’

But of course that’s not just about quality workmanship. Cameron’s focus is on operating a tight ship and making sure that his clients not only understand the process but also are satisfied that they’re well cared for during the build process. 12 homes a year max means that Cameron can deliver time and time again.

‘You set a good expectation from day one, communicate, and deliver. Transparency is key.’

‘I’m the one point of contact for a project, start to finish. People don’t want to be bounced around from sales to project, because little things get missed. With Nixon Homes, you’ve got me from sales to project to hand-over. As a small business we definitely give a better welcome. It’s close.’

‘We also work out of our show home and keep our overheads as low as possible, so we can give more to our clients.’

‘We’re not a franchise. We pick who we work with – our own subbies. We want to pick the right people for the job, whether it’s plasterers or windows or flooring.’

So Floorboards was the right choice for flooring, says Cameron. 

‘It was the service on the first day as I introduced myself as a starting company – the team at Floorboards were the only ones that showed interest and not rolled the eyes like “Oh yeah like everyone else is doing.” And the selection and knowledge of the staff.’

It’s a great foundation, and Cameron is hoping the right attitude – and a stunning show home developed with Kerryn Elwin at Kae Interior Designs – will help build his name in the Waikato. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

The show home at 19 The Meadows Drive, Flagstaff, Hamilton launched on the 13th of July. Make sure you check out for yourselves the hard work of Cameron and Nixon Homes with Kae Interior Designs and Floorboards.

Floorboards is a locally owned and operated company, specialising in the supply and installation of hard surface flooring for over 15 years. As a family-run business, we are focused on customer care, value and quality.


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