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Congratulations on your new hard-surface flooring. Find out the hows and whys of maintaining your new floor so that it looks its best for years to come.


Your Floorboards floor is designed for easy, hassle-free care, and is ready as soon as installation is finished. Enjoy your new floor and maintain it as needed with your Floorboards care kit.

The cleaning spray in your care kit has been carefully formulated to prolong the life and beauty of your flooring. It is water-based, biodegradable, phosphate-free, VOC-free, fragrance-free, pH-neutral, non-abrasive and non-corrosive. 

You won’t need any post-installation finishes, protectors or sealants on your Floorboards floor. Treating your floor with products that build up layers (e.g. polishes or waxes) is unnecessary, and may leave a streaky or slippery residue that will make later maintenance more difficult.

Simply use your Floorboards care kit according to the included instructions for the best results for your home.


- a lightweight mop with swivel head

 - a machine-washable microfibre mop cover 

 - a bottle of cleaning solution


Please ensure that you use the correct cleaning products and techniques for your flooring as incorrect care may invalidate your warranty. 

Even if a cleaning product states that it is suitable for your type of flooring, please check with Floorboards before use.

Never use Highly acidic, corrosive or alkaline household cleaners (e.g. Jif, Mr Muscle, Handy Andy, Ajax etc.). 

Always use the cleaner provided by the flooring manufacturer. 

Never use Treated or chemically-impregnated cloths.

Always use a damp anti-static mop for the best results. 

Never use a Steam Mop. The combination of excessive heat and water will be detrimental to any flooring surface. 


Light Cleaning

A combination of dry and damp cleaning is all you’ll need to keep your floor looking its best. 

To remove surface dust, dirt and grit, vacuum with a brush head, sweep with a soft-bristled broom or brush and pan, or dust with a dry or damp microfibre cloth.


Thorough Cleaning

For a more thorough clean, damp mop your floor. We recommend the following steps:

Assemble the mop by screwing the telescopic handle into the mop head plate.

Adjust handle length by extending and then rotating to lock in place.

Wet the microfibre mop cover and wring to remove excess water. We recommend using warm water as it helps to shift stubborn dirt and reduce drying time.

Unlock the mop head plate by depressing the large button, then fit the mop cover over each end of the plate and lock the plate closed again.

Spray the mop cover 4-6 times with diluted cleaning spray. Please note: do not apply undiluted cleaning concentrate to the floor as this can leave a waxy residue.

Mop around the perimeter of the room first, followed by the rest of the floor in sections. Mop walking backwards, working in a zigzag or S-shaped motion (not backwards-and-forwards).

To collect and remove dust and dirt off the floor, wipe as much of the floor as possible without lifting the mop. 

Rinse and re-spray the mop cover with every 3-4 square metres cleaned, or as necessary. 

After use, rinse the mop cover thoroughly and air dry. The mop cover may be machine washed as required.

To make up more cleaning spray, follow the instructions on your bottle of concentrated cleaning solution. 

Order a Floor Cleaning Kit

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