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cork flooring installed in a kitchen

Cork Flooring

Warm, quiet and comfortable

Cork is one of the warmest, quietest and most comfortable floor coverings available. Its natural qualities actively combat mould and mildew as well as providing excellent insulation and resistance to wear and tear.

Our cork flooring comes in engineered boards, which give improved resistance to denting and gouging compared to traditional cork tiles. These boards are completely pre-finished, eliminating the need for harsh polyurethaning or sanding in your home and require no intensive maintenance.

Cork is a natural bark product that is sustainably harvested from protected cork oak trees in Portugal. The bark of each tree is harvested every nine to eleven years, causing no harm to the tree; these trees can live for 150 years and are never cut down. This process makes cork products one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market to date.

We offer both natural and designer-coloured cork in a range of patterns to give you the warmth and comfort of cork with contemporary engineering and style.

Floor Styles

Engineered cork

Beveled edge

Pre-finished designer surfaces
No sanding or polyurethanes

Our Services

Quote from scaled house plans

Free onsite floor measure

Installation service

D.I.Y option available

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