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Ultra 21mm

Wooden Flooring Range

Ultra engineered floorboards are selected from the world's best hardwoods to offer the timeless and unparalleled beauty of solid hardwood floors with the improved stability and environmental efficiency of engineered timbers.

Ultra engineered hardwood floors boast an impressive 6mm wear layer of European oak in a ‘feature grade’, meaning Ultra boards will contain clear grain, knots and burl accents. 

A brushed surface effect adds texture to the grain. Thanks to the cross-directional hardwood ply core, Ultra floor planks are less prone to cupping, warping and shrinking issues than solid floors; they also use about one third of the amount of decorative hardwood compared to solid timbers, so they’re environmentally conscious, too. A brushed surface effect adds texture to the grain.

You don’t need to worry about sanding, staining or urethaning of your new floor with Ultra hardwood floor. Ultra wood planks are prefinished and ready to live on as soon as installation is complete.


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