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Wood Flooring Grades Explained: Which grade is right for you?

When selecting a wood floor for your home, there is more to consider than colour alone. The beauty of a timber floor lies in the individual plank, which contains its unique detail and texture.

But did you know that each plank has been curated from an initial selection process and then finished with a particular method? The result is a plank with a labelled "Grade" that specifies if the wood details and textures are prominent, medium or mild.

The Grade of the wood is something that needs to be considered when choosing a floor, as it can dramatically alter the feel of a home's interior.

We understand that choosing a wood floor can be confusing with all the different colours and grades available, so our simple guide below aims to help make things a little easier.

A light brown wooden floor with subtle textured Select or Nature Grade.

Contemporary interiors

- ask to see Select or Nature Grade 

Select Grade or Nature Grade timber undergoes an exclusive grading process that reduces the number of knots and grain variations in the plank, creating a more subtle wood-effect and a smoother finish. 

A Select or Nature Grade wood flooring is the way to go if you want to create a modern or minimal look for a contemporary home interior. 

A modern home with a natural feature grade timber floor.

Relaxed interiors

 - ask to see Maquant or Feature Grade

Create a casual or relaxed feel in your home with Maquant or Feature Grade timber planks. You'll notice that these planks have visibly more knots and grain character than a Nature or Select grade wood floor.

Maquant or Feature Grade is a popular floor style because the natural wood pattern can soften the feel and turn a clean, contemporary home into something more relaxed and comforting. 

A country style kitchen with a dark wood floor with Heavy Feature Grade.

Rustic interiors

- ask to see Heavy Feature or Vibrant Grade

If you love the look of interior stone walls and leather couches (or maybe just the odd sheepskin throw), you'll be wanting to check out Heavy Feature or Vibrant Grade wood flooring to complete the feel of a warm, rustic interior. 

The heavier grades of timber flooring are characterised by large sunken knots often covered with a distinct dark filler to make the knot prominent. Heavy Feature or Vibrant Grade wood flooring may also have a notable saw-cut textured surface. 

Look at these planks too closely and you might get super picky, however if you trust the process, the overall effect of these unique finishes are just stunning when installed in larger areas. We definitely agree that Heavy Feature or Vibrant Grade wood flooring adds and instant classic-aged timber effect that's warm and inviting.

Next Step: See wood flooring samples

To see these floors and more, stop by the Floorboards showroom. We can talk through all the flooring options and view the samples in person. That way, you'll discover the right grade of wood floor that's best suited for the interior style you want to achieve.

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