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NEW! Quick Step Muse: Warm & Authentic, Stone-Look Laminate Tile

Introducing Muse laminate stone-look and tile-look flooring. With its warm underfoot feel and authentic stone textured surface, Muse laminate tile-look flooring can bring a touch of elegance to your home. Inspired by the unique pallet of Belgian bluestone, this floor captures the beauty of nature.

Belgian bluestone originated over 400 million years ago in what is now the Belgian Ardennes but was once a shallow tropical sea. Tiny pieces of chalk were deposited by the tides, building up over time to form massive layers of stone. That's also why Belgian bluestone contains a lot of shells and fossils, creating the unique pallet that inspires the look of the Muse floor.

Image showing the inspiration of the muse collection. Belgian Bluestone quarry in Belgian Ardennes.

Not only does Muse offer meaningful and stunning aesthetics, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 15-year wet warranty. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your flooring is protected against everyday wear and tear. Whether you're building a new kitchen, dining room or bathroom or renovating your existing one, Muse is the perfect choice for those wanting something more comfortable to walk on, affordable and practical than traditional stone tiles.

Choose from a beautiful range of colours, including light, dark, and grey shades and textures, to complement your kitchen style and home décor. The versatility of Muse ensures that it will seamlessly blend into any design scheme.

Colour swatch samples of flooring surfaces available in the Quick Step Muse collection

Experience the comfort, durability, and beauty that this flooring offers and transform your kitchen, dining or bathroom with Muse stone-look laminate tile flooring.

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