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Designer Spotlight with Deb Couchman: Creating an Interior with Soul

This month, we are shining the Designer Spotlight on a talented interior designer who knows how to create beautiful interior spaces that express authenticity and soul. Say hello to Deb Couchman from Rosenruby Interior Design.

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

It all began after many years in travel/hotel corporate roles and adventures around the globe. I decided to embrace my love of colour and take my passion for interior design to the next level.

Is there a special meaning behind your name "Rosenruby Interior Design"

The name Rosenruby is a tribute to my two grandmothers, Margaret Rose & Avis Ruby, and their mothers Rosalie (Known as Rose) and Ruby, which beautifully blends my history into my future.

What's your background in interior design?

I hold a Diploma in Interior Design and Certificates in Home Staging, Property Styling and Commercial Design. These qualifications are complemented by my strong project management, sales, marketing and events background and desire to continually nurture my creative nature.

What's your design style?

My design style is inspired by those I work with. My main goal is to create an "Interior with Soul" for them where their love of yesterday effortlessly merges with their treasures of tomorrow. Personally, I love colour and homes that tell a story and are not a replication of homes that grace glossy designer magazines.

What are your thoughts on current trends?

I'm a huge believer in creating a vibe in your home that is a true reflection of those who live there and what they love, not what others deem on trend as personal style never dates. However, in saying that, I'm currently enjoying seeing more curved furniture, statement lighting, bold stone benchtops and dramatic use of colour and wallpaper.

What are your top tips for creating a cohesive design scheme? 

  • Identify what is going to be your statement "Look at Me" piece in the zone and draw inspiration from the colours, textures, or era of the item. This could be an artwork, rug, family heirloom, furniture, flooring, lighting, benchtop, or tapware.

  • Don't ask too many people for advice – Choose a trusted few to discuss your plans with if you need support but remember that everyone is going to have a differing opinion, so unless they are paying the bill or living there, consider it background noise.

  • When visiting showrooms, always take all your samples with you to ensure that what looks fabulous independently is going to work with previous selections.

  • Once you have decided on an item, move on and keep adding to the jigsaw. Don't question yourself. When you start tweaking, you may create an avalanche of new decisions, which could incur additional costs and time, especially if your build is already in motion.

Is there a favourite project you've completed recently?

A home renovation in Hamilton where stunning Pergo Gotland in Parchment Oak Timber Flooring replaced laminate and carpet over a 2-storey home. Some of the key showstoppers of the home include a new stairwell, which incorporated Archant Woven Panel and LED lighting, beautiful new pendants, and a large Slim Aaron print, which sets the fun-loving, welcoming tone the homeowner wanted to evoke. The transformation of this home is still underway, and I'm grateful that I get to be a part of the journey.

What flooring is on your bucket list to create an interior style?

I would love the opportunity to work with someone who adores Nature's Oak Herringbone as much as I do. Whilst it is a big investment, it has a timeless elegance that you won't regret.

The team at Floorboards would like to thank Deb for being apart of our August Designer Spotlight and allowing us to take a glimpse into her creative world of interior design. With her passion for colour, storytelling, and design expertise, it's clear why clients enjoy collaborating with her.

If you'd like to connect with Deb Couchman or explore her latest projects, follow Deb on Instagram or contact her below:

Deb Couchman
Phone: 021 177 8700
Instagram: @rosenrubyforyou

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