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Home Transformations with Wood-Look Laminate Flooring

Renovating your home can lead to some remarkable transformations, particularly when it comes to flooring. A fresh floor can completely revitalise a room in a surprisingly short amount of time. Among the various flooring options, a good quality laminate floor stands out for its good looks, ease of maintenance and sleek appearance.

The Benefits of High-Quality Laminate Flooring for Home Improvements

When faced with the wide choice of flooring when planning a home renovation, there are several factors to consider. Here's why you might opt for high-quality laminate flooring.

Perfect for older homes: 
Older homes may have subfloors that show their age or weren't installed to modern standards. Preparing the subfloor for new floor coverings can be extensive and costly, but laminate floors can often minimise both the time and costs involved. Laminate can be installed over different surfaces like original timber, old vinyl, chipboard, or concrete without issue, making it a versatile option. 

Ease of installation: 
While the subfloor still needs to be level for laminate, it doesn't need to be as smooth as what's required for other floor coverings, such as vinyl. This means minor imperfections can be overlooked when using a good underlay.

Most modern high-quality laminate floors will have a waterproof surface and excellent scratch and fade resistance. This makes laminate floor coverings a great option for high-traffic and high-sunlight areas in the home.

A seamless finish:
Our quality laminate floors can be installed to fit under skirtings and kitchen toe kicks, offering a seamless wood look throughout your home that appears as if the floor has always been there without the need to pull your home apart.

Before and after images:

With high-quality laminate flooring, not only do you achieve a clean, refined look, but you also benefit from the practicality and cost-effectiveness it offers. See the transformation of living spaces with before and after images of our various successful projects.

Image Credit: Interior Design by Juliet Coleman
Image Credit: Interior Design by Juliet Coleman

Image Credit: Interior Design by Juliet Coleman
Image Credit: Interior Design by Juliet Coleman

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