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Uniclic Flooring

What is Uniclic flooring?

Uniclic flooring refers to the patented Uniclic® interlocking joint system that seamlessly connects planks without gapping, warping and cupping. Floorboards have been installing floating floors with the Uniclic® joint system for more than 20-years and it remains our preferred interlocking plank system for its strong locking performance and reversible capabilities.

What are the benefits Uniclic flooring?

INSTALLATION: The Uniclic joint enables our installation team to connect planks under skirtings and kitchen toe kicks for an authentic look that appears as if your flooring has always been there, making it ideal for renovations and new builds. The Uniclic® joint also allows for mess-free floor installation without nails or glue, so planks seamlessly connect without gapping, warping and cupping.

REVERSIBLE JOINT: Unlike other interlocking flooring systems, the Uniclic® joint is reversible, which is an essential feature for any good quality floating floor.

REPAIRABILITY: Life does happen, and sometimes damage can occur to any flooring surfaces within your home, whether it's a cracked tile or lino that has become mouldy due to an undiscovered dishwasher leak. However, if your flooring uses the Uniclic® joint, repairability isn't usually an issue. The joint can be reversed to open up the floor and replace the damaged plank, then reconnected up to three times without compromising the joint integrity of the entire floor. 

Who makes Uniclic flooring?

Unilin Technologies in Belgium designed Uniclic in the 1960s and has since developed into a world player in the flooring industry. Unilin is mainly known for its Quick-Step Uniclic® floors and licenses of patented technology to select partners.

Which flooring brands use the Uniclic joint?

You'll find the patented Uniclic® joint system on all Quick-Step flooring and Torlys laminate, cork and hybrid vinyl floors* available at Floorboards. Talk to our team on 07 959 1861 for more information.

*Excludes Torlys engineered timbers.

How many times Uniclic flooring be uplifted?

You can uplift and reconnect the joint three times to retain the integrity of your floor and joint. 

Do you have waterproof flooring with the Uniclic joint?

We supply waterproof and water-resistant flooring with the patented Uniclic joint. Contact us for more information on the latest ranges available.

Is every interlocking floating floor a Uniclic®?

No, you need to look for the Uniclic® registered logo. 

Talk to our team at Floorboards in Hamilton about the benefits of Uniclic flooring for your home - phone 07 959 1861


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