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Wood flooring

Original & timeless

Create a remarkable home with authentic wood flooring. Whether floating or fixed installation, custom-finished or prefinished, wood floors bring timeless and unique elegance to any space.

Our wood floors

Our range of timber flooring styles

Our timbers are engineered for greater stability and reduced environmental impact without sacrificing beauty or performance. With an extensive range of styles, textures, plank sizes and finishes, and the peace of mind that your flooring is sustainability certified, hard wood flooring is the choice that’s always inspiring. 

Tongue & groove wood flooring or floating wood floors 

At Floorboards, we offer two installation methods for wood flooring, depending on which range you choose.

The two methods for connecting boards that we trust are the traditional tongue-and-groove system used exclusively on our glued timber floors and for our hard wood floating floors – those ranges installed without glues or adhesives – we only trust the patented interlocking system called Uniclic®

For over 20 years we have trusted both these systems, so you can be sure to have a beautiful wood floor for years to come. 


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What’s the difference between a custom-finished or pre-finished timber floor?

A pre-finished timber floor is one where any stains and urethanes have been applied in controlled factory conditions so you can see what your floor will look like before it’s installed. That means you have more consistency in colour and finishing, as well as some natural variation between boards. Floorboards has floating and glued timber floors that are pre-finished.

A custom-finished timber floor is one where you get to choose the stains and finishes that will best suit your décor and style. Our design consultants will work with you to help you find the feature of board (i.e. how prominent the knots and grains are), the colour of stain, and the level of gloss or matte for the final finish. 

What's the difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring?

Solid wood is just that – from top to bottom and end to end, each plank is one continuous piece of wood cut with a tongue-and-groove joint. Most Rimu and Matai floors in New Zealand are solids. Solid wood flooring tends to be more expensive because the entire plank is made from precious timber. Solid timber floors also have limitations on areas of where they can be installed in your home.  

By contrast, engineered wood flooring has a resandable layer of wood bonded to a strengthened core, increasing the product's stability while reducing its cost. Not only can we offer prefinished engineered hardwood flooring, but thanks to the toughened core layers, engineered floorings are less prone to warping, cupping and expansion than solid timbers, allowing a beautiful wood floor to be installed into more areas of your home.

What is a direct-stick or fixed installation floor?

Direct-stick or fixed installation simply means that we use glues to bond each plank of hard wood flooring to your subfloor. It’s the only installation method we trust for our tongue-and-groove wood floors, and the result is a stunning look and traditional hard wood feel that you are sure to love.

Fixed installation bonds the floorboards to your subfloor, reducing movement and allowing you to have the same floor in a larger area. With all our direct-stick floors, we invest in grinding and moisture sealing your subfloor before installation to improve bond performance and prevent any moisture from affecting your floor.

Fixed installation is only suitable for our select hard wood ranges, so ask us more about what’s going to be right for you.

Do you supply and install oak flooring?

Oak flooring is one of our most popular timber floor styles. We offer engineered oak flooring in dark and light oak flooring colours, along with a choice of wood grades that either accentuate or minimise the texture of the knots and grains.

What is a floating wood floor?

A floating wood floor means the individual boards are locked together – but not nailed or glued to your subfloor. It’s fast, effective, and when done correctly, will feel like a glued floor.

Because floating wood floors don’t require adhesives or glues, installation is extremely fast – you can walk on it as soon as it’s fitted. Plus, the reversible Uniclic® locking mechanism on all of our floating floors means that replacing boards for repairs is faster and easier than any direct-stick floor.

At Floorboards we have selected wood flooring ranges available with a floating floor installation method. If you are unsure about which wood floor is right for you, floating or glued, contact our team. 

Can you install my wood floor? 

If you've purchased your wood flooring from us, we offer a professional installation service. Our installation teams install our floors throughout homes in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

How much does wood flooring cost?

All our quotes are fully inclusive, so we recommend discussing your budget with our team and ask us for a free quote. That way, you'll know precisely how much your wood floor will cost when installed in your home.

Ask us about wood flooring

We are your hardwood flooring specialists, visit our showroom to experience a large selection of wood floor coverings, or call our Hamilton or Tauranga team. 

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